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Probus Exhibition Fund 2013 was established as a new charity as a successor body to the previous fund that became dormant.

The trustees are as follows:

Representing Probus Primary School: Lyn McNamara

Representing Probus Parochial Church Council: Rev. Joachim Foot

Representing Probus Parish Council: Liza Deards

Representing Roseland College: Chris Challis

Representing Cornwall Council: Bob Egerton, secretary

Community trustee: Graham Ashton, treasurer (co-opted July 2014, elected at AGM September 2014)

The charity is not registered with the Charity Commission because its turnover is below the lower limit at which the Charities Commission registers organisations. It has, however, registered with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as a charity. HMRC reference no. EW22493.

A copy of the founding document that established the charity can be downloaded from Probus Exhibition constitution

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